Ruba Al-Riyahi Becomes First Blind Journalist on Jordan's Press Association

Ruba Al-Riyahi is the first blind journalist to join Jordan’s press association.

“People with disabilities are always considered to be in need of help. So many find it strange when we are successful or achieve anything,” she stated, “I felt a responsibility to reflect a bright image of myself and of others, to show that we can achieve anything we want.”

Al-Riyahi has been a lifestyle reporter for roughly seven years. She originally had trouble finding a job after college, but after two years of searching, she shared her story on a radio station. The editor-in-chief of the Jordan paper Al-Ghad heard her story and offered her a job.
“Of course, technology has solved a lot of problems,” she explained. “I write using a regular computer. I transcribe my pieces without anyone’s help.”

Al-Riyahi joined the Jordanian Press Association in March. The union offers certain privileges for its members like housing opportunities of scholarships for their kids. She has made it a point to lift up others and regularly visits her old high school, which was Jordan’s first school for the visually impaired.

“If we have the will and the determination, and if we are given the opportunities then we will be an active part of society and leave a special mark,” she explained.