Sandra Oh Stole the Golden Globes with These Heartwarming Moments

Sandra Oh paid homage to her proud immigrant parents as she accepted her Golden Globe.

“There are two people here tonight that I am so grateful that they’re here with me,” the “Killing Eve” and “Grey’s Anatomy” star stated. “I’d like to thank my mother and my father. Eomma, Appa!”

Oh spent the lead-up to co-hosting the ceremony sharing photos of her supportive family. Her parents immigrated to Canada after the Korean War. Her father is an economist and her mother is a biochemist. She has described her parents as strict and her upbringing as “typical Korean.”

At the beginning of her career, Oh says she was often given diversity quota roles.

“I ticked all their boxes,” she stated. “But I benefited a lot and took it with the correct outlook, which is just that I’m going to gain as much experience as I can and I will transform it in the way I want to transform it.”

Oh was awarded for her role in “Killing Eve.” In 2006, she won for Best Supporting Actress in a Series for her role in “Grey’s Anatomy.”
Her speech also included nods to Asian representation in the film industry, thanks to films like “Crazy Rich Asians.”