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S2 E13

Sandy Hook Father Lenny Pozner Talks Alex Jones, Conspiracies

Lenny Pozner’s six-year-old son Noah was shot and killed by a gunman along with 19 other kids and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. Ever since, he’s been the target of death threats fueled by conspiracy theories.

“I think about it every morning, every night. So it’s not — It’s not really, — I’ve described it as it’s not a wound that heals over and disappears. It’s always there. It’s carried,” he said.

Pozner has been harassed, issued death threats, and called a “crisis actor,” by people who believe the shooting was a hoax. Alex Jones was one of the most high-profile people to amplify the theory.

“Some of the conspiracy theories that came out early on was that I never even attended Noah’s funeral. Because there were no photos or video of me in this reality show for conspiracy theories,” he stated. “It’s just immature but you can just see its hate. Basically they’re just directing hate at victims because that’s who’s left standing.”

Pozner and several other Sandy Hook families have taken legal action against Jones, suing him for defamation after his platforms claimed the shooting was fake. Jones is counter suing Pozner and threatening to reveal his home address. Recently Jones was kicked off YouTube, Apple, Facebook, Spotify, and Twitter.

Pozner established the HONR Network to fight the online spread of false information. Volunteers can monitor and take down videos or posts perpetuating false ideas, while also holding accountable the platform on which the posts exist.