Shark Attacks Nearly Double Annual Average in Carolinas

Charlie Winter said he fought a shark to save his daughter.  

“I saw pink and it was moving, and it was probably from—the first set of pink was to where I dove in was probably about five feet,” he said. “Paige was going backwards. She was underwater. And it didn’t take any seconds. It was just immediate dad thing.”

North and South Carolina shark attacks in 2019 so far have almost doubled the annual average. On June 2, 17-year-old Paige Winter was dragged underwater by a shark at Fort Macon State Park in North Carolina.

After rescuing her, Charlie said he ran to shore with his bleeding daughter in his arms.

“As we were running back to the shore, Paige was quiet, she was calm, and she only said the word, ‘Dad,’” He said, “People were just running up—tourniquets, towels, umbrella bags, they were using everything they could.”

Paige lost her left leg and two fingers on her left hand from the attack.

“When I was in the water, I was like, praying. I’m like, I’m 17, I got so much to do,” she said. “I think I can transform this into something good for me, and good for sharks, and good for the environment, too.”

North Carolina has seen at least three shark attacks in the month of June alone.