Target Employee Admits to Racially Profiling Black Customer on Camera

This man got a Target employee to admit he’d racially profiled him. James Wright was shopping for Beats by Dre headphones at Target in Waconia, MN, when an employee reportedly said it was against store policy to let customers touch things before buying them.  When Wright confronted the employee about the suspect policy, he seemed to begrudgingly admit for profiling him, stating, “Sure. Yeah. I mean, if you’re going to leave if I say, “Yeah, I did it,” then yeah, I did it.” Wright later confronted a manager about the incident who didn’t seem immediately willing to accommodate his claims. When he began filming her, she asked him to stop and then she walked away.

Write said that he later called Target’s corporate headquarters and they said customers are allowed to handle products. He claims the Target employee said he was worried that Wright would steal the headphones. He posted the video of the interaction on Facebook and it has been viewed over 150,000 times. A Target PR rep said over email that they’re investigating the incident. This certainly isn’t the first case of racial profiling incidents that have taken place at large chain stores. But fortunately, there are also plenty of incidents of victims getting justice.