Teenage Chef On His Way to Ruling World of Ramen

This teen chef is hoping to revolutionize how ramen is made. Josh Reisner is 14-years-old form Forrest Hills, Queens.

“When I’m cooking, I feel very comfortable.” Reisner explained. “When I was five, I did little league baseball, and I hated it so much. And, it’s not that which made me into a chef — like little league didn’t make me a chef. What made me a chef was trying all these different foods, going to all these different restaurants and really developing a pallet.”

Reisner appeared on Master Chef Junior season two when he was 10, but was ultimately eliminated. Fortunately, this actually made him realize his potential and he began taking over his family’s kitchen even more. He began to “stage,” (which is an unpaid internship under a chef) shortly after Master Chef. The experience has taught him what to look out for if he ever owns a restaurant of his own — plus he says it’s “so much fun.”

He also recently did a feature on Instagram that garnered 40,000 followers so he’s a certified Instagram celebrity. Ramen chef Keizo Shimamoto says that he has the potential to be the “greatest ramen chef and chef of all time.” High praise for someone who isn’t even an adult yet.