The Moscow Project: Trump-Russia Collusion Presentation

Did the Trump campaign really collude with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election? What about Trump's ties to Russia financially?

Although Trump tweets constantly that there is no connection between his campaign victory and Russia, a majority of Americans disagree with that, and want to know more. In light of this, the Center for American Progress, a progressive think tank, has a research arm that has put together The Moscow Project – a comprehensive look at all the business connections between the Trump Organization and Russian individuals, dating back to the 1990s.

Though there is a lot of information out there, there has been little public discussion about Trump’s financial ties with Russian officials. But researchers from The Moscow Project teamed up with NowThis to give a detailed presentation regarding all that is known so far about the alleged collusion. Within the presentation, potential key players in the alleged scandal will be outlined and explained.

Investigations are still very much underway, and it takes a lot of time in order to potentially implicate high-level officials for crimes they may be guilty of — but there are is still a lot of evidence that has already been brought to light detailed in this very thorough presentation.