The Russia Desk: This is the Real Russia

Despite what many may think, Russia is actually not a communist country. It’s also a big country, filled with people who both support and oppose Vladimir Putin.

Just like countries all around the world, including the U.S., Russia is a huge complex nation that cannot be distilled down to a single headline, a single meme, or a single politician.

In light of this, NowThis producers decided to go to Russia to learn about the people, culture and politicians firsthand. They talked to expats, activist and politics to get a sense of what it’s really like to live there.

They also aimed to learn more about Russia’s involvement in the U.S. election, as well as Putin’s relationship with President Trump. The Cold War made the two countries’ struggle for power very apparent, and undoubtedly played at least a small role in 2016, but more needs to be investigated to know exactly how much. There’s a lot of misleading information coming from the media about the two countries’ relationship. Media outlets in the U.S, on both the right and the left, make so many strong claims about Russia, it’s definitely difficult to know what’s correct and what’s propaganda. But through this deep dive into the country, hopefully more will become clear.