The #WasteDress is Taking NYFW by Storm

The #WasteDress is made of all the single-use bottles, cups, and cans the average person goes through in one year.
The Waste Dress was created by new company Uno, which is working to produce a new kind of reusable cup. The dress cost $0 to produce. All the materials were salvaged from the streets of New York City, including the straws that make up the “straw hat.” It debuted during New York Fashion Week, where a model donned the dress and walked around.
14% of litter comes from beverage containers, according to nonprofit Plastic Oceans 100,700,000,000 plastic bottles were sold in the U.S. in 2014. Making a bottle of water requires six times the amount of water that’s actually in it. In 2015, containers and packaging made up 21% of U.S. landfills.
“What inspired us to create this dress is the fact that during conversation with people we always hear things like “I don’t waste that much” or “How bad can it be?” Uno told NowThis “And those big numbers are just impossible for anyone to digest. There’s no way you can imagine what that actually looks like. So we decided that the only way to make people get it is to actually show them their real waste.”

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