This ‘Flying Taxi’ is a Greener Alternative for Transportation

These SeaBubbles “flying taxis” are being tested in Paris as a greener alternative for transportation.
“You have batteries in the bubble, two electric engines, wings in the water, and with the speed, the wings, they lift the boat, you reduce the drag, you have 30 or 40% less drag,” co-founder Alain Thébault explained. “It’s the future.”
The startup SeaBubbles specializes in flying cars. It launched a test run of its flying taxi called “Bubble.” They claim Bubble could reduce pollution and noise as the transportation system in Paris is overcrowded.
“In France, the focus is on the taxi version—one pilot, four passengers,” Thibault said. “We are waiting for the authorization to have a commercial line between east and west, to cross Paris every morning.”
A flying taxi service using the Bubble could reportedly launch as early as 2020.