Enough is Enough

This Parkland Survivor Explains Why Arming Teachers Won't Help During Shootings 

This teacher hid 19 students in a closet to save their lives — her plea: do not arm teachers.

Melissa Falkowski stated, “I watched some of these news shows and the suggestions that they make you know, like we should arm teachers. I don’t know very many teachers that would like to be armed. The logistics of that make no sense. Everything that happens, happens in less than three minutes. If you think about having a gun that would have to be secured and locked somewhere in a closet, and then having to go for that gun, and then being able to use that against the shooter, it just makes no logistical sense.”

Eight states currently allow concealed carry of firearms at K-12 schools. A day after the Parkland shooting, a Florida Senate committee introduced a bill that would permit people to carry firearms in public schools. Similar bills are being considered in MD, NC and AL. But many survivors of school shootings are completely against that idea.

“We have teachers in our school they’re Republican, they’re Democrats. I think on this issue we are one. When we go to work, we want to be safe. We want out students to be safe. We send our children to public schools. We want them to be safe. I think we’re united on the idea that there has to be reforms, common sense reforms.” Falkowski explained.