Thousands of Students in Belgium Skip School to Protest Climate Change


More than 30,000 students in Belgium skipped school to protest climate change. On January 24, thousands of students filled the streets, braving rain and snow to demand better protection of the Earth’s climate.

On January 10, roughly 3,500 high school students marched and vowed to demonstrate week after week. The rally has ballooned into a crowd of an estimated 32,000.

Flemish leaders organized the rally through Facebook and credit the increase in numbers to their outreach to French-speaking Belgians.
“Climate policy is not a problem for Flemings or Walloons, but for an entire generation,” stated organizer Anuna De Wever. “It is great that it is now also happening in the south of our country.”

School officials have also reportedly been understanding of students missing class.

“Education has to turn youngsters into mature citizens,” stated school director Patrick Lancksweerdt. “By their actions, they proved that they are.”

Another climate march, which will include adults, in scheduled for January 27.