Thousands of Uber and Lyft Drivers Strike for Living Wages

Lyft Driver Henry Rolands has an important message for rideshare companies.

“All these corporations, including Uber, are American corporations, and no question about it, we don’t want them to die. We want them to progress,” he explained. “But the fact is that you cannot put the drivers that help you grow down.”

Thousands of Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare app drivers are striking in NYC, LA, London, and many other cities on May 8, demanding job security, livable incomes, and regulation of fares.

Drivers earn up to $7 an hour in some U.S. cities, and 80% of drivers in NYC has been earning less than minimum wage until recently.

“It was only two months ago that a minimum wage requirement was set in place in New York City. But it’s still not enough,” New York Taxi Workers Alliance Executive Director Bhairavi Desai stated.

There were nine driver suicides in 16 months in New York City and industry unions have blamed shrinking wages and mounting debts.

Uber files for IPO this week, offering drivers up to $10,000 in rewards but it admitted the public offering will make things even worse for drivers.

“I love the companies because they have provided jobs and other things. We are not saying that they shouldn’t exist,” Rolands said. “What we are saying is, a fair playing ground. Pay the drivers well.”