Through Our Eyes: Life Under Siege – Inside Eastern Ghouta, Syria

In the Syrian suburb of Eastern Ghouta, a massacre is unfolding. Its residents have been under siege for almost 2,000 days and have been bombed relentlessly. Within the Syrian conflict, which has lasted more than 2,550 days, its civilians have suffered through some of the worst attacks.

Dr. Abu Bashir of the Syrian American Medical Society, has risked everything to show his life inside one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern history, where almost all of their food, water and resources have run dry.

NowThis Producer Melissa Fajardo has been talking to Bashir daily for the last 50 days and, through the lens of a phone provided to him, she was able to see the violence, the fear, and the injustice that the area deals with regularly. The footage is unsettling and disturbing, but it’s a reality that many are facing because they don’t have a choice.

In his life, falling rockets, death and destruction are a normal facet. In the past three months, more than 1,000 people have been killed in the area, by over 1,200 airstrikes from the Assad regime and Russia — that’s an airstrike every half an hour.

When asked what his message to the world would be, Bashir stated, “I want people in Eastern Ghouta to live in peace. So, no siege, no shelling, no bombing. That’s what we need. We have rights like everybody in this world.”

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