UK Soccer Team Forest Green Rovers F.C. is Completely Vegan And Sustainable

UK soccer team the Forest Green Rovers F.C. is a completely vegan stadium, which uses solar/wind power, and is carbon neutral.

“I think that was a bit of a culture shock for football fans that they couldn’t get meat at football games,” said the team’s owner Dale Vince. “But we got past that and our food sales now are kind of literally through the roof and it’s becoming a big part of what the club does.”

Vince bought the Rovers in Gloucestershire, England, in 2010 and immediately had the team stop serving meat.

“I saw them wheel out a beef lasagna and I said, oh my God that makes me part of the meat trade and we can’t do that,” he said. “I said to [the manager and chef] we need to stop and they agreed and we did it there and then.”

The team’s environmental efforts have spread beyond the food. They use 100% renewable energy and generate 65% of their power with solar and wind. The past year, the team also became carbon neutral.

“What we’ve done every year is calculated what the footprint of the club is and we’ve reduced it year on year,” Vince said. “This year we got it down to 200 tons [of carbon] and that’s when the United Nations said to us, why don’t we take part in this climate neutral program.”

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