UN General Assembly: Global Issues 2018

The 73rd General Assembly of United Nations officially starts this week. The General Assembly is supposed to be the place where leaders from all over meet to discuss key pressing issues of our time — the ones that affect people around the world.

But as previous years have shown, sometimes the things that make the headlines during an event are not the very issues that need to be addressed the most.

The United Nations and others have already condemned many atrocities around the world. Now they'll have another opportunity to use their voice. As the General Assembly of the United Nations goes on, pay attention to what the most powerful leaders in the world in 2018 will say, or not say, about some of the most important world issues of today.

In this episode we've compiled five key global issues we think should addressed during this assembly. Here's a list of some people, places, or issues that might make the biggest headlines at this year's UNGA.

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