University of Florida Accepts Food Donations As Payment for Parking Fines

A university let people pay parking fines with food donations — which resulted in an immense amount of free food given by students.
University of Florida President W. Kent Fuchs made the announcement on April Fools’ Day, stating “For many years, parking tickets have been a source of contention between the university administration, and our students, staff, faculty, alumni, and visitors. I am pleased to announce, on the first day of April, that UF will have an amnesty program for parking fines.”

Fuchs often pulls April Fools’ pranks, but this one was very much real. Anyone could pay for any unpaid parking ticket since April 1, 2017, by donating five food items, diapers, toiletries, or formula. The program lasted through April 6 and collected at least 9,455 donated items for 1,891 tickets. All the items will be donated to the school’s food pantry,

“This is a way for members of the university community to satisfy parking tickets and save some money in the process,” Scott Fox, Director of Transportation and Parking Services said. “We think it’s a real win for everybody.”

The April Fools’ idea definitely shows how much people are willing to give if the right incentive is involved. Thankfully, plenty of people in need will be able to get supplies because of it.