Utah Mom Designs Unbelievable Fashions Out of Thrifted Materials for Her Family


Sarah Tyau transforms old clothes into new outfits for her family.

“When I was single, I used to spend all my paycheck on clothes,” she explained. “Once I got married I realized it’s not just my money anymore and I had to start being responsible. So I had to find creative ways to still feel like I had new clothes.”

Tyau is a mother of three who lives in Provo, Utah with her family. She took a few sewing classes when she was younger and always dreamed of being a fashion designer but she didn’t start refashioning clothes until she became a mom.

“I love the idea of having this vision in my head and then having it come to life. So that was very satisfying,” she explained. “You know, as a mother it’s really easy to lose your identity in just serving your kids and your husband all day long. So I needed something for myself too, to be creative.

Tyau finds most of the clothes she transforms in thrift stores. She began posting about her projects on their family’s blog and quickly gaining attention for her work. Today, she has more than 161,000 followers on Instagram, 52,000 YouTube subscribers, and 151,000 visitors to her blog every month.