Vaping Possibly Linked to 120+ Lung Disease Cases

Vaping could be linked to 120 cases of lung disease across at least 15 U.S. states.
The CDC is investigating clusters of severe lung disease in states across the U.S. Wisconsin has the most cases, with 15 confirmed diagnoses and 15 more under investigation. It’s still unclear whether vaping definitively caused the illnesses. The CDC is urging doctors to collect more information so it can do more testing.
Patients came in with symptoms like shortness of breath, fever, cough, and vomiting. Many were hospitalized.
A new study shows that vaping temporarily impacts blood vessel function. Researchers said this didn’t have an impact short term but over time, “thinks might not go back to normal as readily.”
The investigation also comes in tandem with another helmed by the FDA, claiming that vaping might cause seizures.
The agency has received 127 reports of seizures of other neurological symptoms that might be related to e-cigarettes. They occurred between 2010 and 2019.
The FDA said it cannot determine a direct causal link between vaping and the symptoms. It encouraged people who experienced these symptoms to submit detailed reports so the agency can figure out what exactly is going on.
“Detailed information about these incidents are vital to help inform out analytics and may help us identify common risk factors and determine whether any specific e-cigarette product attributes, such as nicotine content or formulation, maybe more likely to contribute to seizures,” they stated.