Veteran-Wife and Mother of 2 Alejandra Juarez is Deported from U.S.

This military wife just got deported from the United States.

Alejandra Juarez said goodbye to her family and friends as she prepared to board her flight to Mexico. She had been in the U.S. for over twenty years after entering the country without documents as a teenager. Despite her husband’s years of military service, ICE denied her request for a stay of removal. The family had support from their local congressman, Darren Soto.

“[My husband] served his country and you know, like I told my husband, I know you’re a Republican but you need to vote for Congressman Darren Soto. He is the only one that has helped me,” said Alejandra. “Honestly, I pray to God that he wins, that he remains in his seat.”

While her husband was serving overseas, Alejandra applied for naturalization, but was told that she had signed a document as a teen not knowing it would later block her from becoming a U.S. citizen. She said ICE told her she was low priority when it came to deportation as long as she checked in twice a year, but that changed under the Trump administration.

“You’re not just punishing me, you’re punishing my husband,” she said. “Ultimately you’re taking away his wife.”