What Are Some of the World’s Unrecognized Countries?

There are 195 countries on Earth, but over the last few decades, the world has witnessed the birth of a few new nations. South Sudan became the world’s newest nation in 2011, but becoming a new nation isn’t easy and there have been plenty of failed attempts. There are also “in-between” states that are only partially recognized — a few of which are listed below.

The 1st is Abkhazia, which is located is the country of Georgia. It’s situated near the Black Sea, shares a border with Russia and is home to more than 250,000 people. When the USSR was in full swing and Georgia was part of the Soviet Republic, Abkhazia enjoyed autonomy. But after Georgia claimed independence, they attempted to redraw borders in Eastern Europe with lead to a bloody conflict between them and Abkhazia. A ceasefire was eventually called and Abkhazia claimed independence, even though they are only recognized by a few other countries.

Another partially recognized state is Somaliland, which is located in Somalia. It declared independence over 27 years ago, but unlike Abkhazia, no other country legally recognizes its sovereignty. Despite this, the nation continues to thrive against all odds. The nation separated itself after a civil war in Somalia in 1991. It now has its own government, currency, and military — and it has control over its own land. Though they seem to be thriving, many don’t want to recognize their independence, fearing it will start a domino effect of other territories wanting sovereignty.

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