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What Is Actually Going on With Brexit?

Brexit Day isn’t happening after all—at least not the way it was originally scheduled to.

March 29, 2019 was the original deadline for the day that Britain was actually supposed to exit the European Union. But the UK Parliament has failed, time and again, to make a deal regarding the terms of the exit that people can agree on, and so Britain has remained in the EU past the deadline.

It’s no secret that British people and lawmakers remain deeply divided over whether they should stay or go—and over how they should manage the process of leaving. Ever since Article 50 was evoked for the first time in EU history, messy negotiations have been taking place and no one has been able to agree on anything.

In October 2018, more than 700,000 people march in London to call for a new referendum. Shortly after that, EU leaders agreed on a Brexit deal with May, which many felt left too much power with the EU. So parliament went on to reject the deal as well as eight other options put forward as alternative plans.

And just basically how it has come today—no deal, no exit, and an uncertain path forward.