Who Is?
S2 E7

Who is Dana Loesch? Narrated by Jackie Hoffman

We all know Dana Loesch as an author, radio host, and the spokesperson for the NRA. But how did she come to be the most aggressively gun-friendly presence in the country?

She was born in 1978 to Southern Baptist Democrats in a small Missouri town, where her grandfather taught her to shoot BB guns in their backyard. She went to school for journalism but dropped out after getting pregnant with her boyfriend, Chris, who headed a punk band. She then started a mommy blog titled “Mamalogue,” where she would discuss everything from the pros and cons of plastic surgery to her love of Twilight. She later went on to host The Dana Show at a local radio station, and began to receive a lot of hate mail, prompting her to take self-defense classes and stock up on firearms. She later started to write for Breitbart and moved to Dallas to work with Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze.”

She’s become particularly prevalent as of late because of his criticism of the Parkland student survivors and their gun reform activism. As a spokesperson for the NRA, she’s adamantly attacked mainstream media calling that they “love mass shootings. She continues to not back down on expanding background check and gun regulations, despite so many people being in favor of it.

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