'Winners Take All' Author Anand Giridharadas on How Billionaires Shape Our World

“Winners Take All” Author Anand Giridharadas explained how young people’s futures were stolen by the wealthy.

“I think there has been an extraordinary double-barreled theft from young people in our time that we have to talk about,” he stated.
Giridharadas says the first act of theft was of the American dream.

“I think it is impossible to be a young person today, under the age of 30, who is not aware that you are rising into an economy that suddenly got bad right as you started rising into it,” he explained.

The second part of the theft was the moment when young people could revolt and reclaim that American dream.

“At the very same moment, the plutocratic class put forward a theory of how you change the world, which is that you do it through business,” he said. “You apprentice in the tools of capitalism, in spreadsheet making and PowerPoint making, so that you can really have an impact. And what this has been so remarkable at doing is defanging an entire generation of young people, who we might otherwise expect to be up in arms.”

Giridharadas wrote “Winners Take All,” a look into how billionaires and plutocrats are shaping our world.

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