Young Venezuelan Reacts to the Reelection of Nicolás Maduro

The same regime that led to the country of Venezuela’s collapse recently held what many call an “illegitimate election,” making Nicolás Maduro the president for six more years. The U.S., Canada, and 14 Latin American countries do not recognize the results of the election.

“Right now, an election in Venezuela is a fraudulent procedure that is not going to respect the will of the people,” explained Gianpaolo, a Venezuelan citizen.

According to the Venezuelan Electoral Board, the voter turnout was 46.1%, which is the lowest turnout rate in the history of a presidential election in Venezuela. But Gianpaolo isn’t even certain that figure is correct.

“Most of my friends and family can assure me that only 20 percent of people went out to vote. And for previous precedents we know that the government is known for inflating the numbers of people that have been voting out,” he said. “You could see some few protests on the street but not on the same level as it was a year ago. And this is due to the reason that the government just exponentially increased the violence against peaceful protests and people are afraid of losing their lives.”

The EU, the U.S., and other countries have imposed sanctions on Venezuelan officials but the foreign policy experts say the U.S. can do more help against the unjust regime.