11-Year-Old Prodigy Receives New Trumpet After Fleeing Venezuela

Young trumpet prodigy Niccole Meza fled Venezuela without her instrument—so one man flew to the Dominican Republic to give her a new one.
The 11-year-old and her family fled Venezuela and now live in the Dominican Republic—but they had to leave her trumpet behind. So Dale Crow of Crow Custom Brass in Pace, Florida flew down to give her a new, custom trumpet.
Niccole hopes to play in the U.S. one day soon, but the ongoing political unrest in Venezuela is making it difficult for her to get a visa.
“We are trying to get visa for the family to tour in the United States but the government of Venezuela is broken and getting any official documentation out of Venezuela is impossible,” Crow stated on Facebook. “If anyone know someone in the State Department…please contact me.”