Adam Schiff Talks Trump Tower Moscow, Lies from the President, and Felix Slater

We now know that Trump lied about his business dealings in Russia during the campaign, but Adam Schiff is working to dig deeper into Trump’s ties to Putin.

Schiff said that Russia creates its power dynamic strategically, whether that’s through hacking social media, and creating political leverage for candidates, like what happened in the 2016 presidential campaign with Trump, or through infrastructural or financial means.

“Was the motivation on the Russian end of this transaction to influence a candidate for President of the United States? To dangle riches in front of him?” he said. “The Kremlin knew that he wanted their help. The Kremlin knew that he was motivated intensely by money, intensely by what people thought of his net worth. And so this was leverage that the Russians might use.”

Schiff said that, through his thinly veiled statements, Trump has made it obvious that he valued the financially lucrative dealings with Russia, regardless of if he lost the election.

“It may very well be that that’s still the president’s attitude,” he explained. “That ‘whenever I leave, maybe I lose re-election, I still want that money. And if I’m going to get that deal, I know that I can’t afford to alienate Vladimir Putin.’”