Health Care Activist Ady Barkan Is Still Rallying the Nation Despite Dying from ALS

Even as he battles terminal ALS, Ady Barkan is traveling the country asking Americans to be heroes this election season.  

“I feel acutely the gravity of this moment. Our democracy is under grave threat and we don’t have much time to save it.” he stated at a Bernie Sanders Rally in Minneapolis. “When I look back on this summer, and this fall, I want to be proud of what I have done. I’m willing to give my last breath to save our democracy, and I’m here to ask you, what are you willing to give?”

Barkan was diagnosed with ALS in 2016, a debilitating disease that weakens the muscles. Since then, his muscles and ability to speak have deteriorated. In addition to his activism around ALS, he continues to fight for issues like health care and immigration.

“When I speak alone, my voice is weak. But when we bring our voices together, we can be heard loud and clear,” he stated.

Barkan hopes that members of Congress who advocated against the Affordable Care Act get voted out of office. Though his voice might not last much longer, he’s urging people around America to stand up and use theirs to demand better policies from their elected officials.

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