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Amina Adan Is Showing the World that Hijabs Are Fashionable

There isn't just one kind of model — Amina Adan is proving that hijabi women belong in fashion just as much as anyone else.
Amina Adan, a Danish and Somali model from Denmark, is making waves in the fashion and modeling worlds. Adan, whose family is from Somalia, was scouted at a bus stop in Denmark and quickly became an Instagram influencer, an Instagram model, and of course a real-life fashion model. Adan is showing the world that the hijab can be fashionable and is joining the ranks of other hijabi models like Halima Aden, Noor Tagouri, Mariah Idrissi, and Amena Khan. She has already modeled for Max Mara and walked at both Milan Fashion Week and Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Adan is using her platform to show that the hijab is fashionable, but also to address U.S. politics and international politics with regard to the Middle East. She wants to change how the world perceives Somalia and Somali people and refugees. She says she's proud that her family is from Somalia, especially in a time when Donald Trump says things about Muslim women and enforced things like the 'Muslim ban,' which included Somalia. This model is just getting started, but already she's changing the fashion world and the world at large.

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