Arizona Dad Says GOP Tax Law Is Threatening Son's Life

Trump’s tax plan promised that it would be beneficial for working families, like Steve Gomez and his son Anthony, but it has actually lead to higher prescription costs on their part.

“We spend thousands of dollars on prescription drugs just to keep my son alive,” Gomez explained. “Anthony is such a good brother and such a good son. He brings so much joy to everyone in his life. We could not imagine a life without Anthony.”

He went on to state, “When Trump and Republicans passed the Trump tax for their billionaire and millionaire friends, they gave a giant tax cut to wealthy pharmaceutical companies, they said some of that money would trickle down to families like ours to help lower drug costs. Now these pharmaceutical companies have announced over $45 billion in shareholder bonuses since the tax law was passed. The Pfizer CEO got an $8 million bonus, but we got higher drug prices. They lied to us, they said this tax cut would somehow benefit working families. Trump is looking out for his rich friends and he’s leaving our kids behind.”

Instead of giving CEOs a tax break, Gomez believes that much more could be done to help families like his afford the medicines they need for their loved ones.  

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