Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego Responds to Trump's 2019 SOTU in Passionate Rebuttal

Representative Ruben Gallego said that Trump’s State of the Union speech was a “damn mess.”

“We have an unfit man serving in the Oval Office,” he stated. “A man who lunged this country into chaos last month by shutting down the government for a wasteful, hateful border wall.”

Gallego said his mother was a secretary who worked hard every day of her life, though they never had much. He became the first in his family to go to college and serve in the Marines in Iraq. He also said the country is built by diverse individuals whose family have been in the country for generations and “knew that whatever differences we might have we were all in this fight together.”

“Anything that turned us against each other was just playing into the enemy’s hands. Unfortunately, that’s the game that Donald Trump likes to play,” he stated. “He gets ordinary people to fight each other so the most powerful interests can take advantage of us.”

Gallego said we can strengthen border security by investing in 21st century technology to truly crack down on drug cartels. He also said that the new Congress officials are a hopeful aspect for the country.

The representatives’ first bill—HR 1— would help improve the policy-making process by forcing the disclosure of dark money donors, make it easier to register to vote, and make sure nobody is improperly purged from the rolls.

“Let’s keep on fighting for what we believe, and soon the state of our union will be stronger,” he stated.

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