Cheating Website Ashley Madison Gets Most of Its Traffic From Republican States


A study found that cheating website Ashley Madison gets the majority of its traffic from states that voted Republican in recent elections.
The 2018 survey by the affair site revealed 60% of users surveyed were Republican.
“There’s a lot of reasons that people cheat, there are a lot of reasons that people look for an outside relationship,” sex and relationship therapist Dr. Tammy Nelson explained. “I think what is safe to say is that people who grow up in politically conservative households, there’s a tendency to be religiously conservative and sexually conservative. And in our society today, being sexually conservative means there’s very little sexual education and we don’t talk about sex.”
Nelson said there’s a direct correlation between households that don’t talk about sex, repressed sexuality, and sexual expression and “acting out.” She also said that the country is becoming more and more polarized politically, which is also creating judgement and morality around who’s right, who’s wrong, who’s good, and who’s bad.
In Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs poll conducted in 2019, 96% of conservatives said married men and women having affairs were “morally wrong.” 86% of liberals agreed.
Nelson said the reality of the situation is that plenty of important male figures, including past presidents have had affairs and that many don’t get stigmatized for it — the current president included.
“The whole societal function around female sexuality is part of that sort of repression,” she said. “However, I do think it’s empowering women to step up and have more voice.”