Ben McAdams Is Hoping to Take Lessons Learned as a Mayor to Congress

Salt Lake City Mayor Ben McAdams spent three days living on the streets to get a better idea of how to address homelessness.

“I got to the point that I felt I had studied the challenges surrounding homelessness from every single angle. But I felt that you really don’t understand a problem until you’ve walked a mile in someone’s shoes,” he explained. “So the first night, I left my office and walked about 20 blocks to our downtown. We slept that first night on the street.”

McAdams is hoping to take what he’s learned to Congress. He is currently a popular bipartisan mayor in conservative Utah, where the GOP controls all four House seats. Analysts currently say McAdams’ race is a “toss-up,” despite his GOP-leaning district.
Trump’s approval has had a bigger drop in Utah than in any other state, and McAdams’ rival, Representative Love, has backed Trump in 95.7% of her votes.

“I have a proven track record of working across party lines, bringing people together, and actually getting stuff done,” McAdams said. “I’ve done it when I was in the State Senate, I’ve done it as the mayor of Salt Lake County.”

McAdams has been mayor for almost six years and was re-elected last year with almost 60% of the vote.