Bernie Sanders Doubles Down on 1974 Comment

Bernie Sanders doubled down on his 1974 quote about desegregation busing.
“Busing” was the practice of transporting students outside of their district. Its goal was to reduce racial segregation in schools.
“My point was that I don’t think anybody thinks that busing is the solution,” Sanders told the Washington Post. “What is the solution—and what I meant by that quote—is that we need to enforce fair housing legislation.”
Sanders explained that he believes everyone, regardless of ethnicity, race, or circumstance should have the opportunity to send their children to great schools in their area rather than bussing them out of the district. He also said a measure that has been introduced,” called the Thurgood Marshall Education Plan, would significantly improve public education in America as well as help to further desegregate schools.
Sanders also doubled down on his belief that the county’s immense wealth disparity is harming citizens of color.
“If you’re a Black woman having a baby today, the likelihood is three times greater that you will die than if you are a white woman, where we still have redlining in terms of our financial system, housing segregation,” he said. “So when I talk about creating an America that works for all people, it means doing away with the systematic, the systematic racism that exists from coast to coast.”