Birthright Participant Questions Israel Map That Erases Palestine

Jewish youth visiting Israel are being given maps that erase Palestine by the major Israel tour group Birthright.

In a video taken on July 13, one of the Birthright participants named Eon Glickman admonished the maps, asking how anyone could know where Palestine was on the tour if they didn’t know otherwise.  

“I think the real issue is that it’s inappropriate for all of us to be told that — to be shown this map as if this is the truth. When only Israel and the Israeli government seems to think that the West Bank is part of Israel. When the entire international community and Palestinians themselves would never say that,” he said.

The West Bank and Gaza are recognized as Palestinian territories under international law, though the Birthright maps seem to suggest the opposite. Glickman was one of the eight participants who walked off their Birthright trip to learn from a Palestinian family facing eviction.

Birthright condemned their actions, stating “Our program provides educational enrichment and embraces thoughtful discussions on many subjects. We will not allow this effort to be taken over by those motivated to engage in a political campaign given out commitment to providing a non-political educational experience.”

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