Black Lives Matter Protestors Invited Onto Stage at Pro-Trump Rally

What happens when Black Lives Matter shows up at a Trump rally? As a small group of BLM protestors made their way through a hostile crowd, the situation seemed all too familiar. What happened next was both shocking and inspiring when rally organizer, Tommy Gunn, rather than letting things escalate in a negative way, invited the group of protestors onto the stage to speak. The president of BLM New York, Hawk Newsome, was given two minutes to address the audience of Trump Supporters. The impromptu speech was met with some skepticism from the pro-Trump crowd, but ultimately the day ended with sentiments of hope and progress between these two opposing groups. “I feel like we made progress,” said Newsome, “I feel like two sides that never listen to each other actually made progress today.” It just goes to show how strong the power of communication truly can be.