Chasten Buttigieg is Campaigning to Become America's First Gentleman with Husband Pete

Chasten Buttigieg could be America’s First Gentleman.

“Our first date—it was actually supposed to be coffee, but I got stuck in rush hour traffic getting out of Chicago. So we moved it to dinner,” he recalled. “And when I pulled up in front of his house to pick him up, he opened the door and we both said ‘howdy’ at the same time and then we both said ‘what, that’s my word!’ It was kind of a cute meet cute.”

Chasten married presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg in 2018. A supportive teacher inspired Chasten to pursue teaching.

In 30 states, LGBTQ+ people can be fired, evicted, or denied services because of who they are.

“I don’t think we can be comfortable with where we’re at now. Equality wasn’t won when we were granted marriage equality, it was just the beginning,” Chasten stated. “We can’t be complacent with where we’re at right now. We’re just getting started.”

Pete Buttigieg came out in his 2015 mayoral re-election campaign. He’s the first openly gay Democratic presidential candidate.

“I was standing backstage watching Peter on a monitor. I could hear the crowd, you know, I’m feet away and I was shaking uncontrollably,” Chasten said. “But something about watching him on that monitor and hearing him say, ‘I’m running for President of the United States,’ and hear the way that the crowd was responding to him, I was just overcome with emotion.”

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