Chuck Schumer Responds to Trump's 'Attack on Our Country' Comment

President Trump recently raged against FBI’s seizure of his personal lawyer’s records. He even went as far as to call the raid “an attack on our country.”

Chuck Schumer recently responded to Trump’s angry tirade on the Senate floor, stating, “With due respect, President Trump, America has been around for over two and a half centuries. An investigation of your personal attorney is not an attack on our country. The Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor was an attack on our country. 9/11 was an attack on our country. When Russia interfered with our elections, that was an attack on our country. Investigating your personal lawyer with a high standard to be met, is certainly not an attack on our country.”

The Senator went on to state, “Special Counsel Mueller has uncovered a deep and detailed pattern of Russian interference in our elections. It has led to several indictments and guilty pleas. It has also led the Trump administration itself to level sanctions against Russian individuals for meddling in our elections. That is proof positive that Mueller’s investigation is not a so-called ‘witch hunt.’”

The records seized in the raids were reportedly connected to payments to Stormy Daniels.