Climate Change is the #1 Reason Why Gov. Jay Inslee is Running For President

2020 candidate Governor Jay Inslee is putting one issues above everything else—climate change.

“I’ve been a student of this for about two decades now and I read the science literally almost daily about this and unfortunately, the science is very, very clear on this,” he stated. “This kind of thing we saw in Paradise, California, a town of 25,000 was burned to the ground. Buildings burned right to the foundation. And climate change is gonna make these forest fires so much devastating.”

Inslee says that he has three grandchildren that are “gonna not enjoy what I’ve enjoyed” like hiking in the woods, skiing in the mountains and fishing in the rivers. But he also believes there is so much opportunity for improvement.

“This is an economic growth opportunity for all generations in and for every state,” he explained.

Inslee says there is “no silver bullet” to fix climate change and that doing so can only happen through multiple policies through every sector of the economy.

“We spent more money designing an armored personnel carrier several years ago than the entire energy research budget of the United States of America. We have to put some serious money into the R&D in the regard,” he said. “You know it’s time to elect a president who believes in science and elect a president who is an optimist and a can-do person that can get things done.”

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