Comedian Ben Gleib Thinks He Has What it Takes to Beat Trump in 2020

Out of the many, many candidates for 2020, there’s only one comedian.
2020 presidential candidate Ben Gleib recognizes that we are living in very abnormal times in the country, and believes the only person who can beat the abnormality that is Trump is a comedian.
“We can’t try the same thing we’ve always done and expect different results. So I think we have to, for the good of our republic, try something very different,” he explained.
Every candidate has a different set of skills they can bring to the presidency and to beating the incumbent candidate, but Gleib believes that the traditional career politicians running against him won’t get the job done.
“I stand for those same progressive values that can move our nation forward, but I also have a unique skill set that know how to bob and weave and roast and humiliate this orange monster,” he said.
Since Gleib is no stranger to poking fun at people, he believes he would be best suited to get head-to-head against the president in debates and poke holes in his rhetoric.
“Humiliating this very small man and making clear how ridiculous he is in actuality, making fun of him, poking holes in him, it the only way that we can ensure he is shown for the fraud that he really is,” he said.