Cory Booker Says No To Corporate PAC Money

Cory Booker is vowing that he won’t take a dime from corporate PACs. The senator pledged that he will not take any corporate contributions as part of the End Citizens United movement.

“In a democracy, we all matter. Our voice and our vote must matter,” he explained. “But since the disastrous Citizens United case in the United States Supreme Court, we now have the voice of millions of Americans being muted and drowned out by millions and billions of dollars of corporate cash pouring into elections all around the country.”

In 2016, nearly half of all super PAC money came from just 50 donors — and 1,800 corporate PACs gave over $380 million to campaigns around the county. So far, seven senators have pledged to reject corporate PAC money and over 140 candidates across the U.S. are refusing PAC dollars.

“I will do everything I can to help us to win this fight. But I can’t fight alone. We need more people to be a part of this movement. We need you,” said Booker. “Take action. Call you senator and congressman. Ask them to give up corporate contributions. Let’s take back our democracy. Let’s take back our nation. Let’s make it about people.”

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