Sen. Dan Foreman Yells At Idaho University Students For Birth Control Lobbying

Idaho Senator Dan Foreman berated a group of university students for attempting to lobby for birth control.

“Abortion is murder. I stand against it.” Foreman yelled to the activist crowd. “I am a Roman Catholic. I am a conservative Republican. I think what you guys do stinks.”

Students tried to talk to their senator about birth control but got his scathing response instead. Students from the University of Idaho, who are also members of Planned Parenthood Generation Action, drove 300 miles for an appointment with Senator Foreman, who represents their district, to talk about a bill that would require Idaho health plans to cover the cost of a 12-month supply of birth control.

The students also wanted to talk about sex education on campus, but the senator’s office said there was no meeting scheduled.

“[Foreman] came out of his office, saw that all of us were there, and we were wearing these pink shirts, went back in his office and shut the door.” Emily Carter, Generation Action President stated.

The students left a note to explain why they were there and went on to other meetings that day. They later bumped into foreman in the hallway and tried to speak to him. After the outburst, Foreman later tweeted that students should discuss “killing babies” with Democratic leaders.

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