Democrats Should Stop Worrying About 'Electable' Candidates

There is plenty of speculation on which 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are “electable”—but Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder Stephanie Taylor thinks voters should stop fixating on “electability” and just support candidates who inspire them.
“We really, really want to beat Donald Trump,” she said. “But the old definition of electability is broken, and it’s time to rethink it.”
According to Taylor, the media and pundits want you to think electability is about who looks and sounds presidential—but that’s not what makes someone electable.
“It’s about ideas, energy, and inspiration,” she said. “And what’s inspiring voters right now? Bold change to improve the lives of millions of Americans.”
According to a Marist Poll, 82% of Democratic moderates approve of a wealth tax on income above $1 million, 79% of Democratic moderates approve of a Green New Deal, and 55% of Democratic moderates agree with Medicare for all and ending private insurance.
“In poll after poll, we find that Republicans and Independents—even in red and purple states—support big, bold, systemic change,” Taylor said. “but 20202 isn’t the first time and focus and electability.”
In 2004 John Kerry was picked to be the Democratic presidential candidate because he was seen as the most electable, but he still lost to George W. Bush. Barack Obama was also originally viewed as being “unelectable.”
“If a candidate’s agenda inspires you, it’s likely that they inspired tons of other people, too,” Taylor said. “And that’s what electability is all about.”