Detroit DREAMer Dies From Diabetes After Being Deported to Iraq

Jimmy Aldaoud died after the Trump administration deported him to Iraq.
“I’ve been in the United states since six months old. And just two and a half weeks ago, an immigration agent pulled me over and said I’m going to Iraq, and I refused, I said I’ve never been there, I’ve been in this country my whole life,” he had stated in a video.
Aldaoud had never been to Iraq. He had spent his life in the U.S., and spoke no Arabic. He was also diabetic and suffered from schizophrenia.
“They just wouldn’t listen to me, they wouldn’t let me call me family, nothing,” he said. “They just said, ‘You’re going to Iraq and your best bet is to cooperate with us, that way we’re not gonna chain you up, and we’ll put you on our commercial flight.’”
In the video, Aldaoud said he’d been sleeping in the street and trying to find something to eat. He also said he was diabetic and had been unable to take insulin shots. He died a few days later because could not obtain insulin.
The Trump administration has targeted more than 1,000 Iraqis for deportation—and in Aldaoud’s case, deportation had fatal and unfair consequences.