Donald Trump's Airline Crash Landed Shortly After Takeoff

Trump claims to be an expert on aviation, but his own airline closed after less than three years.

Trump Shuttle launched to great fanfare in June 1989. It was to run flights between Boston, New York, and D.C. and Trump wanted luxury flights for white collar passengers, complete with marble sinks, chrome buckles, and gold fixtures.

Two months after launching, one of the planes was forced to crash land at a Boston airport, with Trump calling the incident, “the most beautiful landing you’ve ever seen.” Trump’s other luxurious trimmings also caused problems. The marble sinks he insisted on installing were too heavy and thick luxury carpets meant drink carts became harder to move. Trump reportedly advised the flight attendants to “push harder.”

To save money, Trump advised cutting cabin staff from three to two, a move that would violate FAA safety regulations, which require a pilot, co-pilot, and engineer.

Approximately a year after purchasing the airline, Trump pondered selling it and laid off 10% of the workforce. Over 18 months, the venture lost $128 million and was soon sold. Trump escaped responsibility for $245 million in loans and $100 million in funding he had personally guaranteed, but still claimed the venture had been a success.