Dr. Neal Rosendorf and Rep. Veronica Escobar On Visiting Migrant Detention Centers

Dr. Neal Rosendorf said the migrant detention center he visited in Texas is essentially a "concentration camp."
The professor visited an El Paso detention center in June 2019 after reading a report on the poor conditions for detained migrants.
“I went over to the Paso del Norte facility. There is nothing to be seen from the outside,” he explained. “Just under the bridge what was in front of me was a human dog pound.”
Rosendorf described men in the facility, all in their 20s and 30s, who told him about their situation. They said they had been there for over 30 days and hadn’t bathed. They were being fed very little and were begging him to tell their story and document what he was seeing.
After hearing Rosendorf’s account Representative Veronica Escobar want inside the facility.
“Inside the El Paso facility, we saw pretty significant overcrowding. The overcrowding is not something that has been dealt with,” she said. “And the conditions are still conditions that many of us consider inhumane.”
Escobar says that the county jail she helped operate what in local government has operated much more humanely than the facility she visited.
Escobar said that Congress has been attempting to lessen the immigration crisis monetary in two ways—first by appropriating money to stabilize the situation in central America, which Trump pulled back on. Congress also needs to appropriate humanitarian funding to give the resources to agents and officers.
“It’s my hope that as Americans continue to learn about these atrocities, that we take a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror if this is the America we recognize,” she said. “We need to take action.”