El Paso Officials Still Awaiting Payment From Last Trump Visit

Trump still owes El Paso more than $500,000 for a fear-mongering rally held there.
On August 3, 2019, 22 people were shot to death in El Paso by a gunman trying to kill “as many Mexicans as possible.”
Trump pledged the “total support of the federal government,” but an El Paso city official says the president has yet to pay off an existing debt of $569,204.63 for police and city public safety expenses for the rally. At least nine other cities have invoiced Trump for unpaid security bills.
“Our resources are really strained right now,’ El Paso Representation Alexandra Annello stated. “Our police and fire are exhausted, our health department had for three days straight been working with the reunification of families. As you see from the bill, there are the services required for a presidential visit. In addition to financial costs, our community and resources are already strained and do not need the extra burden.”

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