Elizabeth Warren Visited a Detention Center — This Is What She Found

After visiting a detention center where immigrant children are being held, Senator Elizabeth Warren says that there is still ‘no plan’ regarding how they will be returned to their parents.

“I saw no evidence, and the people who have been affected, the mothers I spoke with, have no clue about where their children are or any shape of a plan to reunite them with their children,” she stated. “I arrive and within an hour they want to know from me what the plan is to get their children back, because there is no plan.”

When asked what she thought the Trump administration meant by saying there would be a reunification center set up, Warren reiterated that she saw no indication of families being reunited.

“[Parents] were told their children would be brought back in another hour, in a short period of time, and they were anxious but believed they were going to see their babies again,” she said. “There is no reunification that’s going to occur in this place. And these mothers and fathers who have been separated from their children are just caught and they don’t know where their children are. They don’t know if their children are safe.”