Emmanuel Macron Delivers a Fiery Speech Decrying Trumpism and Republicanism

France’s president Emmanuel Macron tore down Trumpism in front of Congress — and got a standing ovation.  

“I believe that against ignorance, we have education — against the threats on the planet, science,” he explained. “I believe in building a better future for our children, which requires offering them a planet that is still habitable in 25 years. Some people think that securing current industries and their jobs is more urgent than transforming our economies to meet the global challenge of climate change. I hear these concerns. But we must find a smooth transition to a low carbon economy.”

Macron also made allusions to Trump’s isolation from the Paris Agreement, saying that “isolationism, withdrawal and nationalism” can temporarily remedy our fears, but that it won’t keep the changes in the world from taking effect.

“We have to keep our eyes wide open to new risks right in front of us,” he continued. “I’m convinced that if we decide to open our eyes wider, we will be stronger. We will overcome the dangers. We will not let the rampaging work of extreme nationalism shake a world full of hopes for greater prosperity.”

The eloquent speech was a strong reminder that an inclusive and mindful stance on the world’s issues are the only way to solve them.

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