Equal Citizens Founder Lawrence Lessig on Why His Generation 'Sucks'

At least one Boomer — Lawrence Lessig — is being real about his generation.

“Because of people like me — over 50, white, especially men — pretty much every awful thing that’s happened in the past 20 years, happened,” he stated. “We elected George Bush which got us the Iraq War. We didn’t elect Al Gore, which meant you didn’t get climate change legislation. Despite us, Obama was elected. But in 2010, we kicked the Democrats out of the control of Congress.”

Lessig said if 18 to 34-year-olds had voted at the same proportion as their 65+ counterparts, none of these awful things would have happened.

“If they had voted at the same proportion as the 65+, the Dems would have had more than a 130 member majority in the House of Representatives,” he stated. “That would have meant a much more effective Obamacare, and maybe even student debt relief.”

Lessig doesn’t doubt his generation “sucks,” but if the younger generation would vote, they have the power to change many of the horrible happenings and policies that have been put in place.